Christmas and Its Real Essence

There is always excitement in the air when the spirit of the Christmas celebration is moving around. Shops are all flooded with new stocks and there are also multitudes buying and buying gifts. The gifts are being wrapped carefully and sent to the recipients while the greeting cards are exchanged. Decors and Christmas trees are out and the lights up with beautiful and amazing designs.

But what is the real essence of celebrating Christmas?Christmas

Each year, we always look forward to celebrating the Christmas season with our friends and family. For some people, it is the best time to shut down all the stressful work and travel and rest. But for some, it is the time to visit other people and have fun with those that they have not seen for a long period of time. There are also people who see it as a time to cook a wonderful and delicious meals they never had time for. All these and more really make a memorable and colorful occasion. You surely enjoy all of that and look forward to them every year.

You certainly wonder if all those things are what make Christmas is all about, but it is definitely more than all of those. What is the real reason behind this amazing celebration? Well, Jesus is the complete essence of this celebration. December 25 is the accepted birthday celebration of Jesus Christ, thus it has been named Christmas. This celebration is mainly honored by most Christians in different parts of the world.

This God’s will is for the reverence and creation of His son Jesus Christ. God definitely showed his ultimate love to mankind by sending His own son to die for people that we may be reconciled to God. Jesus agreed to come and die despising the shame to fulfill God’s burning desire.

Christmas is a time for us to understand the important lessons from Jesus and we should never forget to reflect on them. Jesus brought us new religion mainly based on vision and the love of God who is full of forgiveness and compassion; a vision of doing even little things with the positive mindset as well as a place of love.

Jesus is the real essence for Christmas celebration. So, as people celebrate, we must remember that it is the time to appreciate and praise God for sending Jesus for us. In addition to that, this is also the best time to examine our own stand with God as well as our own relationship with Jesus Christ. Aside from that, it is also a time to share the good news and goodness of God to other people.

So, as we drink, make merry, and eat, let us not forget the real essence behind the celebration of Christmas. Let us be human and kind to remember and show our love to helpless orphans, motherless babies, beggars, prisoners, and those who are not lucky enough to be involved in the celebration of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Deeper and understanding about this reason will definitely make it even more exciting, peaceful, and fulfilling for us.