Essence Praying the Rosary

What is the Essence of Praying the Rosary?

Most non-Catholics are surprised and are even frustrated that Catholics are putting a lot of emphasis on praying the rosary.

They wonder why Catholics pray the rosary instead of praying straight to God. In this page, you will find several reasons why the Catholic Faith is putting more emphasis on praying the rosary.

As a matter of fact, apart from the Holy Mass, the rosary has been the most powerful prayer for Catholics.

olive wood beads rosary

The rosary has been a special prayer that was specifically wished by Blessed Virgin Mary. In most of her apparitions across the world, our Lady specially requested that the rosary should be prayed as frequently as possible.

She also suggests that people pray this every day together with their loved ones.

The rosary has been a meditative prayer and it helps to physically, mentally & emotionally cool down.

Several scientific studies revealed that prayerful individuals are actively living longer and there’s a correlation between good health and praying.

On the purely physical phase, it is possible because, with prayer, specifically meditative prayer, they are meditating on the mysteries of the rosary, especially, the life story of Jesus Christ.

The rosary is bringing us close to Jesus. The rosary has been much a Christ-centered prayer and as a matter of fact, the mysteries of the Holy Rosary are actually nothing less compared to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, condensed in twenty mysteries.

Through praying the rosary each day and complementing it with the bible reading, then we’re led to understand the personality of Jesus better each day.

The Mother likes nothing less compared to bring everyone to her only begotten Son. Apart from that, the Mother likes to mold us to the likeness and image of Jesus Christ.

The Virgin Mary assured Saint Dominic that she would be granting all of the requests that anyone will be making by praying the rosary.

Amongst the Fifteen Promises of the Virgin Mary to those people who say the Rosary, the virgin guaranteed that she would answer the prayers of everyone made over the rosary.

As long as our requests are within the conformity to the will of God, of course, this will be. The beads of the rosary are helping the Catholics to count their prayers and most importantly.

the Catholics are praying the rosary as a way of entreaty to ask God for a very special flavor, like helping the loved ones from the illness or to thank God for the blessings received, a new job, a new baby, and a new moon.

Getting Started in Praying the Rosary

When you want to get started in praying the rosary, you need to have a Catholic rosary that you are holding with your hand.

Each bead corresponds to a certain prayer and this will help a lot in ensuring that you pray the rosary properly.Β  If you want to have a Catholic rosary today.