Funeral Cremation Urns: Selecting them with Utmost Care

The unprecedented pandemic has shown us that life is uncertain. Many of us have lost our loved ones before time. Losing a loved one leaves us devastated and helpless. The most we can do for the departed soul is to keep their remains carefully and safely and funeral cremation urns are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. We can choose one as per the personality of the person we have lost. A unique funeral urn is a mark of respect and love.

Types of funeral urns available in the market:

  • Urns for Keepsake:

These urns are small in size and are used to store small quantities of cremation ashes. These are useful for those who share the ash with family and friends. They make a great reminder of the person who has left for the heavenly abode.

  • Companion Urns:

“Till death do us apart” is the promise every couple makes while getting married. Couples can be together even after death with these companion urns. The Companion urns can be one urn, or they have two compartments.

  •  Bio-degradable Urn:

This type of urn has become more popular now. People have become more conscious about leaving carbon footprints. Human beings want to make a better world for the next generation. This type of urn is handmade and used to bury or scatter the ash.

  • Picture Urns:

This urn looks just like a photo frame. We can insert the picture of the person we have lost and store their ashes also. Behind the photo frame is a compartment where the ash can be stored and this can be found on the Nazareth store online.

  • Pet Urns:

Losing a pet is losing a family member. Pets form an integral part of our family. They are with us through good times and bad. It is impertinent not to give respect and remember your companion always. The pet plays a vital role in the overall development of a child.

  • Infant urns:

There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your small child. A child comes into the world to make it a happier place. Even after the child dies, the memories live forever.  The urns are a special place for the child to rest.

  • Pendant Urns:

Pendant urns are made using various precious and semi-precious metals. These can store small amounts of ashes. They are worn around the neck with the help of a chain. They are unique as you can have your guardian angel with you always. You can register their presence at all times. They can also be distributed among family and friends so that each one of them receives something to remember the departed soul.

While choosing the urn, the personality and the interests of the deceased should be kept in mind. There are urns available in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, etc. Each urn has its importance. We do not have to step out during such scary times to choose the perfect urn. The urns engraved with various designs are available in stores that sell Catholic Gifts Shop Onlinelike the Nazareth store.