Michael and All Angels

Michael and All Angels

Michael and All Angels

After Satan and Gabriel, Michael is the most famous angelic figure mentioned in the Bible. As humans are fascinated by the angels there is a lot to talk about Michael through the centuries. He is known as the legendary character and it is often hard to find out whether we learned about Michael from the Bible or other sources. People say that Michael is an Archangel but what it really means. What are his responsibilities and what he has accomplished that has made him so special? What is Michael’s post in God’s heavenly host? To help you understand Michael, here we have some of the facts you need to consider him.

The Archangel

Michael is the only angel in the Bible who has been identified as the archangel. In Jude 9 the title given to Michael has been discussed. In the Greek language, the meaning of the archangel is a chief messenger or chief angel. You will be surprised to know that he is not called an archangel in the old testaments but there is another angel who calls him by that name. Michael as the chief id the sign that he has peers as well. In case there are any other archangels they have not been mentioned in the Bible.

The subject of Jesus

Michael has been given authority over all the other angels but still, Jesus is superior to him. Michael does not have the status as the per of Christ and that is why there are no sayings in the Bible regarding whether he should be worshiped.

Guard of Israel

In the last vision of Daniel, it has been clearly explained that how the last days for Jews will be on the earth. It is known as the time when Michael who is the great prince and stands guard for the people will arise once again. some of the angels also call Michael Daniel’s Prince. There is nothing in the Bible that can be related to standing guard but it has been made clear several times that Michael has special responsibilities towards Israel.

Opposer of Satan

In Jude, it has been mentioned that Michael argued with Satan regarding the body of Moses. It is related to Jewish traditions. However, there is not much information related to the argument available. However, it has been clearly mentioned in Jude that Michael was not in favor of railing judgment. Which means that he was not blasphemous and defaming against Satan. It is clear that Michael has some important responsibilities towards the humans that he has to fulfill no matter what happens. He is not a fan of Satan ad standing against him to assure that no one will be able to hurt the creations of God and humans. He may not have the same status as Christ but he surely has some important responsibilities and he is complete them faithfully that makes him a special angel in the eyes of the humans and authorities of the world. He is rapidly gaining fame in the Christian community as well because people are aware of the fact that God and his angels will always be there to help them when they are dealing with some tough situations.
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