The Connection Between The Crucifix Cross and The Existence of Christianity

The crucifix crosses are the symbol of Christianity as the son of Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross to save humanity. Therefore, the crucifix cross holds an important role in the life of catholic believers. It’s a symbol often depicted with Jesus on it and an inscription on the top. The Nazareth store understands the spiritual connection and importance of this and avails a divine collection of catholic items for personal as well as gifting purposes. The items include rosary, cross bracelets, keep safe lockets, pectoral and Jerusalem crosses and even evil charms with the aim of customer satisfaction.

How the cross symbolizes the Catholic belief

Jesus was crucified on Golgotha hilltop in between two thieves as an attempt to preach the Lord’s reign. The entire death of Jesus was marked as a blackout throughout history and is called Good Friday which also marks the beginning of the glorified resurrection period. The crucified cross also bore an inscription saying INRI which in Latin means Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum which in English translates to "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews". This inscription was written by Pontius Pilate. This lead to the drastic change in the New Testament in Bible mentioned in the Chapter of John verses.

History of cross

The importance of the cross has been evolved based on religious beliefs all around the world. With the emergence of new divisions in the Catholic belief, the actual concept of Crucifixion also evolved. It was in the 4th century that Christianity was legalized by Emperor Constantine. The emperor had ordered the evacuation of Holy sites which were later on declared as Holy lands. In the 5th century, the cross gained the meaning of victory over sin by the death of Jesus. Thus throughout history, the significance of crucifixion changed based on the ideology of the respective catholic head or priests. But the sole purpose remained undeterred that was to unite humanity.

Collection related to the crucifix

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