Things to keep in mind while attending a Catholic funeral

Things to keep in mind while attending a Catholic funeral

A funeral is one of the saddest events you are going ever to be a part of. In the Catholic faith, people believe that the person's soul lives on after they have left the planet. Depending on how the person has lived their life, Catholics believe that they will go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.

When you attend the funeral of a loved one who was a Catholic, you can carry Jerusalem Crosses with you to pray to the Lord and remember them. There are also other things that you need to keep in mind.

Jerusalem Crosses

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What you should keep in mind while attending the funeral

When you are attending the funeral of a loved one, you should always make sure you pray for their soul. Pray that their soul makes its way to Heaven if it is in Purgatory. Apart from this, you should also pray for their immediate family. Pray that they find the strength to deal with these challenging times.

The location of the funeral

As you might have expected, the Catholic funeral takes place in a Catholic Church. However, it can also be conducted at a funeral home. The funeral is presided over by a Catholic priest who will perform a beautiful ceremony with a sermon that talks about the person's time on the planet. You need to keep in mind that funerals generally do not take place in Church on Sundays.

The Mass conducted by the priest

During this beautiful introductory rite, the priest, coffin, and congregation make their way up the aisle. The ceremony comprises readings from the Bible, along with opening songs and prayers. The priest will also sprinkle holy water during the procession. Once this part of the ceremony is completed, the coffin is taken out of the church. After this, people say their prayers by the graveside as part of the Rite of Committal.

The Wake

It is a popular tradition that is held before the Catholic funeral. It generally takes place at night, for a varying duration of time. During the wake, a Vigil Service takes place. However, the Vigil Service can also be held during the viewing period at the funeral home. It depends on the personal wishes of the family of the person who has passed away.

The Cremation

While cremation has recently been deemed acceptable by the Catholic church, the more traditional way is to keep the ashes of the loved one in funeral cremation urns. This urn can be held in the family's house, or it can also be kept within a mausoleum. The other alternative people choose is to scatter the ashes.

What you should keep in mind

Make sure to dress in muted, dark colours as a mark of respect to the person who has passed away. You should dress in the colour black. However, if that colour is not available, you should dress in the darkest coloured clothes you own. You can also carry a rosary bracelet or cross with you to the funeral, products of which you can find at the Nazareth Store, an online Catholic shop, which will cater to all your needs.

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