Why Shop for Holy Gifts of Jerusalem Themed Spiritual Items?

Why Shop for Holy Gifts of Jerusalem Themed Spiritual Items?

Jerusalem is called the holy land for the Catholic faith. It is said to be so because of the association with the birth, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, the Savior of humanity. Therefore, a Jerusalem-themed gift like Jerusalem Crosses is an ideal souvenir as a token of spiritual remembrance for a priest, laity, or even friends to adorn their homes. The Nazareth store offers up the sale of mindfully crafted items to enhance your experience of associating with them. The vast unique collection and craftsmanship add a divine touch to the already existing spiritual being. The perks of selecting the said items are as follows:

What is the symbolization of crosses?

Jerusalem cross known as the five-fold cross a symbol of faith and also "cross-and-crosslets". Historians have recorded that the five crosses are the depiction of the five wounds of Jesus or Christ and the four evangelists, or even Christ and the four quarters of the world. Thus symbolizing the utmost divinity of the crosses helping develop a connection in already established faith among the Catholic church. The cross is an item often given as a gift to dear ones and also to the spiritual leader as a relic for worship purposes. Originally associated with the Kingdom of Jerusalem which evolved to the second half of the 13th century. 

What is the symbolization of a divine pendant?

As the cross is one of the most recognized symbols of the Catholic faith it is often worn around the neck as a pendant attached to a chain of your choice. The sole purpose of wearing a cross around the neck varies with the nature of the wearer. Some of the reasons are acclamation to the Christian faith, as a gift in baptism or confirmation, or even as a way to stay connected with God in faith. There are several versions of cross pendant throughout the history of the catholic faith examples of which are the Greek cross, Latin cross, Celtic cross, and the Jerusalem cross. These versions depict different materials, embellishments, and skillsets.

Finest collection available

The store provides its faithful customers with the finest quality of metal-made cross and pendants. The available metals include silver 925 yellow gold, rose gold plated enamel, yellow plated crucifix. The crosses have been embellished with the finest quality of red and blue zircon crystals to enhance the holy nature of these gifts. The cross pendants are an ideal type of item for gifting your friends whereas the crosses are apt for the spiritual leaders and even for the altar. The delicate love and care opted by the craftsman in the making of these items show the customer associated with us the efforts taken for their satisfaction.

In conclusion, the spiritual collection of crosses and jerusalem cross pendant provided ensure that your loved ones enjoy and cherish these absolute gems for their life. Take a step ahead check our sales and browse through the Nazareth store. Find something holy and godly to gift and relish in the experience of our sincere efforts and craftsmanship in staying linked with faith and the spiritual mood. Ideal gifting items and the unique relic nature of items along with customer satisfaction is the mission we work on and always look forward as a prepossessing step. So guide your loved ones with these and ensure to stay in faith.

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