Christianity and the Holy land - A Spiritual Gift to Humankind

Christianity and the Holy land - A Spiritual Gift to Humankind

The religion Christianity came into existence with the sacrifice of Jesus the Lord's only son to save humanity. The life of Jesus and the events that are part of it as the holy birth celebrated as Christmas, the miraculous journey of Christ, death, and resurrection are the solid pillars on which our faith rests. The places where these events take place are considered as the Holy land for Christians which are the places of worship for them. The holy land which holds such importance and the gifts brought from these lands have equal significance. The Nazareth store provides a wide collection of Christian gifts from the Holy Land for the benefit of the believers.

The holy lands of Catholics

The main holy land is connected to the life of Jesus whereas other holy lands are connected to the old testament, the lives of Mary, Apostles, and John the Baptist. Many more of the holy lands are connected to the holy men and women and saints too. The main among these lands is Jerusalem which is known for the pivotal events related to Jesus. The other sites include Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Emmaus, Jericho, and Jordan River. Every place holds equal importance throughout history. Mount of Olives according to the new testament is the place where Jesus wept over Jerusalem while Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus.

Jerusalem - the city of Judea

Jerusalem has been sacred to Catholics for over 2000 years. This city records 158 churches along with many synagogues and mosques. The Catholics focus on the old testament history of Jerusalem which is involved in the events of Jesus’ life. This city is the site of Solomon’s temple and the second temple which was cleansed by Jesus. The Cenacle i.e. the upper room in David’s tomb is believed to be the place where the Last Supper was taken place near Mount Zion. Another important Christian site in Jerusalem is Golgotha, the site of the crucifixion. 

Holy land influenced store collection

The store offers a wide collection of different catholic gift items among which are the gifts associated with the holy land which comes under the holy land themed gifts. The wide collection of agate, emerald, onyx colored rosary which are crafted out of crystal, glass, or pearl beads. The smooth finish and texture olive wood rosary for authenticity and even the saint pendant bracelets. The rosary bracelet and car auto rosary are the added charm to the store collection playing a key role for the benefit of believers to gift these to their loved ones or family. The Jerusalem and pectoral crosses can also be a part of gifts given as a token of gratitude to the laity or priests.

The Holy land and its importance act as a reminder of how Christianity and Christians came to be under the guidance of Jesus and his teachings. These teachings are the ones that keep us connected to the divine blessings and helps us to follow the righteous path. The Nazareth store aims to be the connection between spirituality and humankind by the action of small notion by providing a version Catholic Gift Shop Online making it easier for us during the times of the pandemic. The exquisitely handcrafted collection made with utmost dedication will always be appreciated by our valuable customers. So let us stay connected and stay in faith through genuine Catholic gifting.

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