Rosary - A Gift for Catholic Believers

Rosary - A Gift for Catholic Believers

Rosary is a word that always relates to Mother Mary, Jesus’ mother. The word itself is derived from Latin “rosarium” which means garland of roses or even garden of roses. The chanting of prayers with the aid of the rosary is a very common practice among Catholics. The rosary is a braided or knotted string of beads with a pendant and crosses at the end. The Nazareth store offers an eye-catching collection of the rosary which can be included in the catholic gifts category. The store enables one to buy catholic gifts from the comfort of home. The collection also offers various Catholic gift items.

History of rosary

History states that in the 13th century blessed Virgin Mary appeared in the dream of St. Dominic and gifted him the rosary as a part of spreading the teachings of Jesus to save humanity. The small beads which are knotted together to form a beautiful yet powerful rosary are one of the recognized symbols of Christianity along with the crucifix. The Bible doesn’t mention praying using a rosary as this practice was invented in the middle ages. But the important elements in rosary are Biblical and belong to common catholic beliefs. Throughout history, the rosary structure has evolved drastically.

What role does the rosary play in our life?

The original rosary was believed to have 15 decades whereas the modern age rosary has 5 decades. The main function of the rosary is for counting prayers using the beads. The chanting of prayers is done by saying Hail Mary, the sign of cross and glory to God. The four mysteries associated with the rosary are a description of the birth, journey, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Joyful mystery is the one connected to the joyful news of Jesus' birth whereas the sorrowful mystery is connected to the suffering and death of Jesus. Luminous and glorious mystery describes the resurrection and glories of heaven.

Collection of Rosary at store

The store offers a handcrafted unique collection of the rosary in various materials and colors. The colors available include agate, onyx, emerald, sapphire. The materials used to make the rosary includes pearls, crystals, glass beads. The olive wood rosary is one of the proud collections of the store which have a smooth and exotic finish. The rosary bracelet is also a part of this collection. A rosary bracelet is a handy version of the rosary which helps the easy count and carrying around of a rosary as a part of daily praying. The car auto vehicle rosary too is available for keeping in cars of believers.

The collection at Nazareth store offers rosary beads with a divine touch which helps us stay focused on the righteous teachings of catholic beliefs. The rosary helps us to focus on the prayers or the pleas we send to Blessed Virgin Mary to be kept at her feet. Even as the Bible doesn’t mention rosary the teachings do tell us to be consonantly in praying for the gifts and blessings we have from our God. Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God is one of the quotes from the Bible which makes us worthy of Jesus’ love.

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