Faith Buildup - Progress Through Gospels

The introduction of faith build-up or development among the new generation and the Catholics is relatively new. This initiative is a part of religious transformation which holds a tremendous effect on the followers. When trying to decipher the actual term explanation of Faith it can be described as the attachments, experiences, and the connection towards God. One of the few steps of providing a means to strengthen faith is by gifting spiritual items like rosary beads, crosses. The Nazareth store provides a means of providing catholic gift items. Faith is the motion that takes place by improving the relationships between us.

Challenges faced - in youth

Faith formation is scientifically believed to have five stages like Intuitive-Projective Faith, Mythic-Literal, Conventional, Reflective, Conjunctive Faith. Apart from following the words of God, it is the responsibility of every individual and a need to stay and belong to God. Faith is a gift from and one of the Bible virtues mentioned in the text. The bible virtues which include love, trust, faith are the ones bestowed upon us through the teachings of Jesus. These teachings guide us in the betterment of life and the difficulties we face. Catechisms can be used as a means to reach out to youth based on gospels and teachings.

Guiding principles of spiritual teaching

The basic principles are easy yet challenging at the same time. The desire to stay in connection with God and a longing to belong itself imparts the qualities like faith and spirituality. Earlier generations were taught and the faith was passed onto them. But as we evolved the youth choose their faith and path. This makes the faith a personal and individual decision than being influenced by others. Youth must be made understood the main concept of ecclesiast life by including them in the worship, teaching, proclamation, fellowship, and service. The activities like retreats, meetings concerned with storytelling, and prayers help in concreting the formation of faith. 

Nature of transformation

Such is the importance of having faith in God, ourselves, and one another. We have learned it the hard way through the times of pandemics. These difficult times have helped us grow in many ways. The Nazareth store too took a lesson out of these situations and focused on connecting people through spirituality. This was possible by encouraging followers gift them to loved and near ones. Luke 10:27 “you must love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself”. This saying taught us to love one another, but now let us rephrase it to loving yourself and others at the same time.

This faith formed is not built with influencing but with the sacrifice and realization of divine mercy and blessings of God. The transformation means infusing the gospel and divinity into the lives and souls of the individual. This in return helps the person to achieve peace of mind and a guiding hand of God. The act of communicating the faith to youth can weave the path for many factors. The factors such as believing, belonging to God, and embarking on the steps of leading a spiritually blessed life. Not just the factors related to God but also the righteous nature of leading one life.