Lent- Important Observance in the Catholic Religion

Lent is the renewal period that is observed with utmost divinity and dedication. Like the crucifix crosses which acts as a basic representation of Christianity, lent season too plays a pivotal role. It’s always connected to faith, love, and hope which forms the basis of lent observed by followers. We ensure to provide any support which relates to a righteous following of these important periods mentioned in the Bible. The first agenda of the lent journey involves being humbled and obedient unto death. The actual perception of lent involves fasting, abstinence, prayers, and almsgiving. This is mentioned in the chapter of Mathew in the Bible.

Season of hope

Recently Pope Francis had stated the lent season is the ray of hope which brings relief to the believers. It is believed as an act of turning towards Jesus who takes care of his loved creation that is humans. During this period of a covid pandemic where we all are still struggling the lent is a form of happiness and hope. During these difficult times, we often think about turning back to God and seek refuge in his ample love and immense patience. Saint Paul is one of the patrons who urged followers through his preaching “to be reconciled to God”. Lent can be a means of receiving forgiveness from God.

Benefit of Lent

In return for receiving gifts, we can share these gifts among ourselves as an act of selfless love. When all hope seemed dim in this era of the pandemic, all things seem fragile and uncertain the small ray of comfort and hope is all the blessings we need to achieve the comfort level we crave. Having received forgiveness as a part of the sacrament is a form of spiritual guidance. The nature of forgiveness is the greatest act of letting go of the grudges and evolve in the divine glow of love and gratitude offered by God. Let us be comforted in these blessings.

The ray of hope – Jesus

The covid outbreak has gripped all of the world by fear and had a shocking impact. But as we survived the ongoing pandemic, we learned many things which have enabled us to move forward even though by falling a few times. The importance of loved ones, family, friends, and a comfort zone which we have been provided from the beginning of our childhood. When the word comfort comes into our mind it connects with a human. But the most important thing we forget is that God is the biggest source of comfort which flows endlessly. There are many things and instances which helps us gain this comfort.

The Nazareth store focuses on connecting people through spirituality. The spirituality and teachings are often from the source relevant in history. The relevant sources include the Bible, Holy Land, historical archives which also form the basis of the Catholic religion. The items connected to holy lands include jerusalem crosses, pectoral crosses even the soil and oil from the places involved or related to the historical events in birth, death, resurrection, and heavenly abode of Jesus, Mother Mary, and even saints and holy men and women. Even though we have everything in control at the end of the year 2021 but let us learn to be grateful for the blessings and saved lives that couldn’t be possible through teamwork and prayers.