October - The Holy Rosary Month

In 1884 Pope Pius XII had officially established October month as Rosary month. This was done by dedicating the most adored prayers related to the rosary. The chanting of prayers using rosary came into existence in the Middle ages. This might be the reason for less mention of the rosary in the holy bible. Rosary holds a very precious place in the lives of believers hence it is also considered as one of the images which represents the utmost faith and dedication of the followers. This has inspired the Nazareth store to offer up a collection of handcrafted items in form of a Catholic Gift Shop Online

Purpose of Rosary

The sole purpose of the rosary is considered to be the anchor of faith and strength for the believers. It is often considered to be helpful in mediating through the chanting of prayers. A term introduced to describe the divine effects of prayers via rosary is the Compendium of the Gospel. An unambiguous way of saying that rosary guides us and leads to repentance and redemptive reincarnation. As the making and chanting of the rosary are simple that's the fact that many of the people connect with it easily. The continuous chanting of prayers creates a peaceful environment which is believed to be a connection with Mary.

Who is our Lady of Rosary?

The feast of Our Lady of Rosary is allied with one of the most interesting stories in the history of Catholics. The story dates back to the 16th century a time when the Turks were a threat to Christianity. During these difficult times Pope Pius V put forth an alliance along with Spain, Venice to lead an expedition to defeat the Turks. During the same time of the battle, the Rosary Confraternity of Rome chanted rosary prayer for the success of the expedition. The victory achieved was accredited to Blessed Virgin Mary. Thus the day was dedicated to the celebration of the feast of Rosary.

The Rosary & St. Dominic

Considered as a colossal devotee of Mother Mary St. Dominic lived in the era of 1170 - 1221. He is the actual founder of the Dominican order. The question arises as that how is he related to Blessed Virgin Mary. It is recorded in history that during his missionary work in France he was distressed due to the less success of his preaching. This led him to pray to the Mother of God who in returned appeared in his dreams and gave him instructions to use Hail Mary prayers in his preaching. These prayers were earlier known as Psalter and later came to be recognized as “Rosary”.

The path which is followed by chanting the prayers of catholic rosary with the help of rosary beads is often accompanied by mysteries. These mysteries are a replica of the birth, death, resurrection, and heavenly abode of Jesus. The 20 mysteries are divided into 4 groups known as joyous, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous. Each of these groups includes 5 mysteries that help us to realize the divine power and love of God towards his children. The Nazareth store covets to connect people through spirituality and follow the ethical path and teachings put forth by our God. The God who sacrificed himself for Humankind.