How Does a Cross Strengthen the Catholic Community?

The sign of the cross is a primary identification that signifies that the person is catholic. The Catholics consider the crucifix as an utmost sacred item of their belief as the beginning of each prayer starts with the sign of the cross. The only son of God Jesus’ was crucified for the sins of humans to save humanity. The sign is also considered a gesture of faith. The Nazareth store represents a divine collection of crucifix crosses which is the connection to catholic beliefs. These items are the ones given as a token of faith and gratitude and even as a memento to the bishops or laity.

What does the crucifix symbolize?

The symbol of Christianity is represented by a crucifix. This is a remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The death of Jesus reminds us about how his selfless sacrifice saved the entire humanity and made the existence of Catholics possible. The resurrection reminds us of the fruits of the afterlife that is salvation granted by baptism one of the most important teaching of the Bible. The crucifix represents the three parts of the sacred body of Jesus. The pectoral cross has five-fold dimensions. Crucifix also symbolizes redemption, atonement, suffering, and faith. Let’s see the various versions of the crucifix throughout the evolution in history.

Various versions of crucifix through catholic history

The versions of crucifix have been seen throughout depending on the different communities of Catholics. Greek, Maltese, St. Andrews, Latin and Patriarchal and Papal symbol of the crucifix are many of them. The sources of these classify the cross as basic forms, Saint’s crosses, confessional or regional variants, and modern innovations, may be some different versions or forms represent the same message of teachings that guides the Catholics throughout the crisis. The Roman Catholics believe the crucifix to be a holy object along with the rosary and Bible. A crucifix derived from Latin crucifixus meaning “fixed on the cross” is related to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Bestowed with a divine collection

The store collection comprises of an exquisitely handcrafted collection of Jerusalem crosses and pectoral crosses. Jerusalem one of the places of the Holy land is famous for the life events of Jesus. The store collection has gold plated, rose gold embellished with Swarovski crystals Jerusalem cross making it an ideal gift for bishops, priests, and laity as a respectful gift. The pectoral crosses symbolize the five wounds of Jesus thus it is known as the five-fold cross. These are available as pendants that hang by a thin chain and are made of zircon crystals or red enamel crystals. The special handcrafted technique ensures the utmost care and perfection to make it flawless.

Thus the Nazareth store provides its faithful customer with a flawless collection of finished crosses filled with divinity. Our goal is to provide a means of connection to spirituality. The jerusalem cross pendant is one of our Jerusalem-themed and gifts from the holy land collection. Staying connected and with the catholic teachings of the Bible makes us ideal believers who follow Jesus and his wise words leading us to salvation. Bible teaches us to walk the path of salvation and this is stated in quotes from Romans, Acts chapter. These chapters state salvation as a gift of God achieved by walking the path of righteousness.