Why Spirituality is The Boon in The Pandemic Era?

The meaning of spirituality has been ever-expanding and changing but the true intentions of staying in the path of God and being inclined towards humanity remain the same. Nazareth store contributes towards this cause by providing catholic gift items, evil charms, crosses, and even a caring outlook for the afterlife by providing cremation urns for humans. The goal is to provide an online gift shop at our perusal for instant availability of all the divine collections which help us to develop the faith and belief we have in God who sacrificed his only son to save humanity. 

Importance of staying connected in faith

Faith is just a mere word that gives a lot of people the courage to face their problems and to stay focused on the path of God. If there is no faith then the human life becomes meaningless with an aim or a minute scope of happiness. The power of a single word is maximized when we follow the righteous path of Jesus’ beliefs, teachings and wait patiently for his blessings. In these difficult times, one must stick to these teachings to be able to help the people around them and be the positivity in life being a catholic.

Why do we need to connect with friends and family? 

Friends and family are the pillars of support in any person's life. It’s often said that the company we keep defines who we are. So as a token of love and gratitude it becomes our duty to take care of our loved ones and always keep them in our prayers. An ideal way of showing these emotions is by gifting them catholic gift items symbolizing the divine connection and teachings of God. Like a rosary which is a representation of Mother Mary and derived from the Latin word “rosarium”. The word rosarium means the garden of rose or a rose garland.

The need for divine guidance in life

Guidance means a light that shows us the right path. Imagine the addition of divinity to guidance and how much it can enable us to make the apt utilization of our enthusiasm for the love of God. The Bible teachings, Lessons, chapters, and stories from the laity, priests, Bishops we often hear ring with the truth of divine power. The store even offers a collection of catholic items for Bishops like bishop pectoral cross symbolizing the five-fold or five wounds of Jesus. These crosses are often worn by spiritual leaders who are the guide to millions of catholic followers thus making it an apt item to be gifted.

Hence the Nazareth store acts as a connection between spirituality and believers. We focus on our exquisite collection of the rosary, bracelet rosary, Bishop pectoral cross, Jerusalem crosses. These are handcrafted with the desired level of care and emotions to enable us in serving humanity with the passion that drives us. As Bible says in Hebrews 4:16 “Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” So in this time of need let us show how much we appreciate having each other, staying connected, and thank the Lord for his mercies.