The Connection to Spirituality During Grieving Times

Times of grieving are the most crucial and difficult in anyone’s life. As it involves the passing away of close loved ones. This phase of life is inevitable. That's the reason our Lord gives us many valuable teachings and guidance through his words on how to pass this phase with just good memories. The memories can be attached with any item connected to the loved ones or the ashes after cremation which is kept safely. For this purpose, the Nazareth store offers an intricate collection of funeral cremation urns and keeps safe lockets. These items help us to keep the cherished moments of deceased ones safe.

Prayers and rituals during mourning              

The Christian community takes death as one of the important phases of life. As is believed that Jesus resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion for the sins of humans to save humanity. Hence death is considered as the passing phase of a person to the kingdom of the Lord by his good deeds. The funeral ceremonies include offering prayers, scripture, and Bible reading. The deceased are buried on the consecrated ground such as churchyards. There are many beliefs concerning the proper burial rituals which have been evolving with history. The entire process is often termed as Christian burial.

Remembrance of deceased loved ones

The store offers a delicately handcrafted collection of funeral urns for the best satisfaction of the buyer. The color range of urns includes aluminum green, elite white pearl. These urns are made out of the best quality materials for long-lasting effects. The sign of cross, doves, or roses are etched onto the urns for authentic effects as each symbol holds its significance. The cross is the basic symbol of Christianity. The dove is a symbol of peace whereas the rose symbolizes the shedding of Christ's blood.  The keep safe lockets are also available in yellow gold with a thin gold cord for the same purpose.

Significance of crucifix

The crucifix being the basic identity of Christianity is graphically represented with an image of Jesus on a cross with an inscription by Pontius Pilate at the top. The inscription says INRI in Latin which when translated to English means "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews". This had occurred during the suffering period right before the death of Jesus. Though the importance of the cross has remained same throughout the history the various versions of the cross have been formed. The Greek cross, pectoral cross, Jerusalem cross, Latin cross, Papal cross, the cross of Salem are few to name among the versions available.

The Nazareth store provides pectoral crosses as well as jerusalem crosses. These are made in yellow or rose gold material and serve as an ideal gift as a token of gratitude. Usually worn by laity or priest these crosses often show the position held by Bishops among the ranking. The pectoral cross means “to the chest” and is pinned or worn with the help of a chain. Whereas the Jerusalem cross is also known as the five-fold cross depicting the five holy wounds of Christ. Such is the value and importance of each symbol, items with catholic influence. Thus let us take a step in staying connected through spirituality.